Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You've been tagged...

This is from my friend, Heather

Six random facts about myself:

1. At Christmas one year, a friend and I were shopping in a local drug store while killing time on the way to a dear friends Christmas Party, when we were held at gun point, while someone was trying to rob the store for drugs! We did not take the person serious and laugh and walked out. The person followed us with the gun to the car, but we kept going. (CRAZY)
2. I love to put sugar on my spaghetti and cheese!
3. I spend two weeks in London, England studying British Lit. in 1986.
4. I love to sit on my front pouch and rock while it is raining. I love the smell of rain.
5. Greeting card are a favorite of mind. When things are going on in the lives of my friends and family that I am praying about, I love to send cards and let me know they are in my heart for whatever the reason. Just think greeting cards make people feel special when less expected. (I love to get them too!)
6. I hate when people only see what I look like on the outside and judge! When if they could truly know my heart they would understand and not JUDGE! (I LOVE LIFE...)

This was hard...

I would love to see some other Heather it took me forever to come up with 6 things about myself! Have a blessed day <><


Beth Larkin said...

Robbed at gunpoint and refused to listen, what in the world kind of friend did you have with you? Ha! Ha!