Friday, August 15, 2008

He is growing up!

Wednesday was a hard day, we had to let someone who we loved very much go be with the Lord. We know that she is looking down on us watching our every move. (Thank God for angels!)Along with that Wednesday we had a 3 year check up at the Children's Clinic in McComb for Noah.

Dr. Chris Charles is Noah's doctor, Noah loves him, so he was all excited about his check up. When we got there Dr. Charles had to take the day off and we had to see Dr. Michael Artigues. I have talk to Dr. Artigues on the phone before and I really like him, but Noah is like his mother a creature of habit, he did not know him or want any part of the visit. It got better Dr. Artigues made a new friend and all went well with his visit. Noah is blowing the growth chart out of the page! He was 3 years old on July 19th and he is 40 inches tall and weights 46 lbs. which is perfect for his height. He is going to be a tall man like his daddy.

Speaking of "Daddy", he is a "Daddy's Boy". I love to watch him with Dunc, it is something new everyday. Yes, Daddy went to the doctor with us. Noah thinks Daddy can make everything better!


"Extremely Blessed" said...

He looks like a "superhero" striking a pose in this picture! A beautiful superhero of course! I know how you feel watching Dunc with your babies. I am so thankful for Pat and the time he spends with ours. When you grow up without a daddy it makes you feel twice as "blessed" that he saw fit to send one like Pat to me for my children. A Godly man who loves his family. God is surely good! Love ya friend! Beth

samantha said...

Awww, that is precious! Noah is such a cutie!

Lil_Britt_Girl said...

He is just a cutie patootie! I could just eat him up!!!

I miss you, too, Woman! I think a "Girl's Night Out" sounds wonderful! Let's do that sometime SOON!!!

I'll be glad when I get my laptop back (hopefully by middle of next week) so I can become a regular blogger again!

I love you, Honey! Hope you have a great weekend!!!