Sunday, August 24, 2008

God's Voice

Do you ever wonder if you are hearing what God is saying? I do..

Sometimes we want God to speak in an audible voice, and we get frustrated when we go through times when He seems silent. But is He really silent?

Today, our Father has showered us with blessings of rain, well Anna has been sick with the sore throat and a bad ear infection, Noah has had cabin fever and Dunc is a logger, so he has been a little under the weather too. Today seemed like one of those days just to stay home and out of harms way. So, did God speak to me this morning? Yes, every where I turned...

As I got up this morning the rain was coming down and I told Dunc with Anna being sick we would just stay home from church. As I was getting my clothes on my 3 year old come running in the room saying "Are we going to church, mommy?" That was the first time He spoke to me this morning. As I get in the car to run to the store for milk for breakfast I receive a text from a dear pastor friend of mine that said, "As Fay showers us with rain, may our Lord also shower us with blessing in worship today!" He spoke again. I was listening to what He was saying... when I returned home from the store we still did not go to worship this morning, but as a family we pulled out our Bible and had church at home. It was good! He show us we could still worship Him no matter where we were. Thank you Lord.

God speaks to all of us in different ways that correspond to the unique learning style He created as part of our being. God primarily speaks to me through His written word. So scripture reading is very important in my spiritual walk and my home. Many times, as I have been headed down the wrong path at the wrong time and at the wrong speed, God has sent a word to me and warned me to STOP what I'm doing, turn around quickly, and get back on the right path. This morning was one of those days!

"Your word, O Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens." Psalm 119:89

There will be times when you feel like nothing earth-shattering happened as you spend time with God in His Word. That's OK, His Word is still alive and working. God bless and have a blessed week. Search His Word for answers...


Stephenie said...

Hi Jill! I just happened upon your page tonight...didn't know you had a to be able to keep up with you. Below is my blog link. Feel free to link my page to yours if you'd like.
Have a great day! Love ya!

samantha said...

Awesome, awesome message, Jill. Thanks for sharing it!

Tiff said...

Thank-you for your words!! You inspire me!

Beth Larkin said...

How well I know what your talking about. Sometimes I hear HIM whisper and other times HE has to shout because I'm not listening, but HE is always there. It's just like you said, he speaks to us in so many ways and situations in life. I stand in awe that HE pursues me like HE does when I fail him like I do, but HE is relentless. We are just the clay and the potter continues to shape us, he just has to change his tools up at times. Glad you got to spend time with your family. I love you friend, Beth.

The Mathis Bunch said...

I can relate completely. I was having one of those exact days on the day you wrote that blog. I think I wrote about something similar. I enjoy reading about your happenings. Do you mind if I put your link on my page?