Monday, August 11, 2008

Angel went home. . .

Yesterday was a long day! People come in and out of your life for reason sometime we don't even know until they are gone. The Lord saw fit to take one of those people home with him yesterday, Carolyn Ezell's battle with cancer stopped yesterday, so she could go be with her Lord!

I don't even know where to begin with this lady, she was one of the most amazing people I know! She touched so many peoples hearts, she did so much for people! I often wonder how she could be at so many places at one time! Carolyn had cleaned house for me for about a year when my sister got sick and could not keep Noah for me anymore. I was very up set, with no daycare around here and with no one I trusted will enough to keep my baby boy, I thought the Lord my have been wanting me to come home from work and be a ful time Mom! Dunc and I prayed for God to send us an "ANGEL"!

Well, it was two weeks after Carolyn heard about my problem, when there was a knock at my door one night (anyone who knew Carolyn knew she was loud) she busted up in the house and announced to Dunc and that she was going to keep Noah right here at our house! The Lord had answered a prayer!

Every morning at 7:30 am, she would busted through the back door hollowing "Morning", then she would start picking up things and cooking Noah's breakfast! He loved her very much..... He call her "Grammie". She taught him so many things. Naps in the afternoon where she always read him two of his favorite books, when he got up from a nap there was always a snack waiting on him. Then it was to the front yard, where he rode his bike (and of course she taught him how) or played with his dog "Rosie" just what ever he wanted to do. When I drove in at 5:15 pm she would be sitting on the porch and he would be playing just as happy as they both could be! At the end of a day Noah would say to Carolyn "Be good, I love you and see you tomorrow!"

Yesterday, as I was in the room with her for the last time, I said "Be good, I love you and we will see you soon!" That was a real hard thing to do, we loved her so much!

Please pray for Carolyn's family, her husband and her children, but most of all pray for her little grandson, Shane that she was raising he is not going to understand! She call Noah and Shane her little "Angels"! Now they have a "Angel" watching of them!

As I come to a end today I say "Be good, I love you and I will see you tomorrow!"


Jeanne Wroten said...

A very sweet tribute to a great woman. I been thinking about you yesterday and last night.It is so true that people are in and out of our lives for reasons and timing that we don't always understand. Take care.

Barbara said...

Thank you for sharing your blog with me. I'm sorry you had the sad things to post for your initial outing but those are things are "dailies" and we deal with them. Beautiful picture of Anna and Noah and I look forward to reading each day.