Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Popcorn Chicken Day

Today is Noah's Pumpkin Party at Ms. Jas'. He is so excited! The get to wear their costumes to class today and bring snacks for the party. Noah brought a paper home from school Monday that said to bring cookies, chips, drinks, sandwiches or happy. Well after Noah and I talked about it, we had decided to send PB$J sandwiches and make happy bags. So when I got off from work yesterday I picked him up from Nana's and we went shopping. We hit the DG first and got all the things we needed for his happy bags and then on to the B & B to get stuff to make PB&J sandwiches. As we were going through the store Noah decided he did not want to take PB&J sandwiches, he wanted to take popcorn chicken! The child loves popcorn chicken...everybody will like it Mother, he said. How could I argue with that, so I am up this morning cooking popcorn chicken!

Last year, Noah was a COWBOY! This year he wanted to be SPIDER MAN! The party is this morning so I will send you pictures and a update on how the popcorn chicken went over later. Here are pictures of my baby boy last year as a COWBOY with his friend Drew Jones as ELMO! Drew is the son of Brad and Christy Jones. Have a Popcorn Chicken Day!


samantha said...

Those pictures are adorable!!

Jeanne Wroten said...

I would vote popcorn chicken over PB&J. I am sure he is talk of the class now since his mom made popcorn chicken. yum!

Stephenie said...

How adorable! You will remember Popcorn Chicken forever! Can't wait to see this year's pics!