Tuesday, October 7, 2008

For the LOVE of my Child

Good morning!

Hope this blog fines all the Mothers doing well! Is it hard being a "Mother"? Yes! I go to bed every night of my life praying for my children. I wake up every morning praying for my children. Am I a good Mother? I hope so! I worry about my children everyday. The world we live in today, or should I say The world we are bringing our children up in today, is not the same as it was when we were growing up! It is hard for kids this day and time.

I know it must sound like I am rambling this morning, but as I was doing my morning prayer time, the kids were on my mind! Anna has nine weeks test this week and for those of you who do not know, she has dyslexia. So, test are major at our house!

Anna is a beautiful, special young lady! We are so blessed to have her in our lives...She is such a "PLEAS ER", she wants everyone to be happy and she puts everybody else before her. She struggle so hard in school, but she tries so hard! She is a wonderful Christian, who studies her Bible everyday, and still struggle just to be able to do that. She has accomplish many things at the age of 13, and still has so much more she wants to accomplish. She has danced for the company, Show Stoppers, in Brookhaven for 10 years of her live and performed her 10 year solo last year. We were so proud of her. She loves soccer, she has played 4 years of county soccer,1 year of FJHS soccer and is now playing on a Brookhaven Soccer team, she loves it! She feels as if it is something she has accomplished on her own with no help from anyone.

I tell you all of this because behind the smiles and accomplishments, she hurts inside! She is so unhappy with herself. As a Mom, I pray and I try to encourage, but sometime I just do not think I am doing any good! she is unhappy in school, it is hard for her, she is not the little girl on the block, she is the big girl! These are things that other kids prey on.... I CAN'T FIX IT and I hurt for her. Like I said, she is a "PLEAS ER", so she does not complain, but as a Mom I know. I have been there as a kid and as an adult. Please pray for my Anna, GOD can fix it!

As a Mother, we all have dreams and hopes for our children. My hope is in God, with HIM all things are possible!

Please pray for me to be able to be the strong Mother I need to be and to be able to lead my child in the right directions with the right answers and pray for her, STRENGTH! May God bless all of you....

In His Grace


The Mathis Bunch said...

I was touched by your blog today. As I've mentioned before, I am a special ed. teacher. I started out teaching reg. ed. I later felt God leading me towards the special ed. area, because I wanted to be able to help students that were really struggling. I,too, have dyslexia. Is it easy to deal with? NO!! Can it be something that you work through? Absolutely!! I hope your daughter realizes how blessed she is to have such wonderful love and support. A lot of children can't say that. My parents and prayer are what helped me make it through those years. I do not brag about this in any way, but I am proud of what God has allowed me to accomplish. I made it into Holmes Com. College on probation for my low ACT scores. It took me 6 yrs. to finish college-mainly because of all the reading required. I graduated from Delta State on the Dean's List for my grades. Isn't it amazing what HE can do??!!?? Looking back, I'm glad I struggled with a learning disability. God uses that to humble me in working with my students and my own children. I hope I didn't bore you. Your daughter's story sounded all too familiar... Children that struggle have a special place in my heart. Just keep encouraging her and lifting her up in prayer. Hang in there! Stacy

Barbara said...

All God wants is OUR best. It's not somebody else's best--it's OUR best. For us to be who we are and do what WE can. That makes HIM happy. Don't judge yourself by others; be yourself. We are uniquely made to be special. OUR best is good enough. {for Anna with love}

Tiff said...

Anna is a beautiful girl inside and out!! She has such a loving and supportive family and she is strong in FAITH!! Because of this she will be OK!! God is so good and he has wonderful plans for sweet Anna!

samantha said...

The fact that you recognize the problems Anna faces already lightens the load for her! I will pray for her as she continues to face these difficult years ahead and for you that God will guide you in the decisions you make as a parent.

Beth Larkin said...

It's so not easy being a mother! It's hard to teach our children to not judge themselves based on others, when we know we are always being judged. I know your struggle. You know my babies both have ADHD and I also have one of my own with Dyslexia. "Why my babies?", often enters my mind when we are crying over a spelling tests, constantly forgetting something, getting those looks from others when you child is overactive or when your baby looks up at you with his big brown eyes and says, "Momma I promise I will be good. Do I have to take my medicine?" Some days the only thing that keeps me from screaming is knowing that I'm not going to chemo treatments or unloading a wheelchair when I get to school. It's then that I slow down and thank God for my life.
Life is just cruel sometimes. It is so hard for children to not think of themselves as defective and broken because there are so many that are trying to make them feel this way. I don't know what our solution is other than to continue praying, continue building them up and did I say pray! I tell Baleigh all the time, if God made us all the same baby, what a boring world it would be. Of course now she just rolls her eyes, but maybe one day she will understand. I love you friend! (stay strong) Beth