Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life In The Fast Lane

Wow, I feel like a race car driver! It has been a great week so far, but where does time go? I go to sleep at night (die) and wake up just as sleepy as I was when I went to bed! I do have a birthday this week and I am getting older, but life is moving so fast...

Not only are my babies growing up fast, they are involved in everything, so we are always on the go! Monday night at FBC of Bude we had a "Meet You At The Pole" rally with a speaker and a christian band, so of course not only for the fact that I am on the youth team and needed to be there to help, Anna is part of the youth and WANTED to be there! We had a great speaker, Rodney Jones from the Crystal Spring area, the youth of the county know him and love to hear him speak! We had a great (loud) band...from Columbia, MS, who's hearts were on "fire" for the Lord! They both did a awesome job spreading the WORD! The turn out of youth was about 65. Praise God for that! It was a good time in the house of the Lord!

Tuesday night was a night of picking up kids, cooking supper, homework, washing clothes, baths, putting Pampered Chef orders together, delivering Pampered Chef orders and again dying when I went to bed.

Yesterday, I thought I would have the night off, WRONG! Even know it was my afternoon off, I did not get rest! Busy, busy, busy....Noah and I went to do some overdue shopping for the house, then we went to visit Mamaw Dorothy at the nursing home! Noah loves to go see Mamaw and visit with all the people there, he loves them all! Afterwards it was on to the house to put up the groceries and start supper. Let us not forget about sissy as Noah would say! Yes, then we had to pick up Anna (Sissy) at school. Back to the house to finish supper and let Noah take a nap & Anna do homework, so that we could go to the Franklin Co. Fair! But before I could do that I had a meeting at 5:30 for a wedding shower. Then on to a night at the fair and again dying when I went to bed.

Tonight is my night! A group of my close friends are taking me out for my birthday and I am so looking forward to a "Girls Night Out!" There is nothing like being blessed with good friends! If I have not bored you to bad with my dull life, I will update you later on the "Girls Night Out!"

"Be still and know that I am Lord" Psalms 46:10


Joddie said...

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY JILL! I'm saying it now because I have too many days left to forget about it :)
May God continue to give you the strength, and sleep, to keep up with your journey.

samantha said...


Stephenie said...

Happy birthday to you!! I am a firm believer that as we age, we are entitled to birthday WEEKS....hope yours continues on through the weekend.

Tiff said...

Happy Birthday! Love you!!

Heather Clark said...

Birthday WEEKS??? Try Birthday MONTHS Stephenie!!! oh...and you start reminding your family the month BEFORE your birthday month.