Monday, September 15, 2008

Being A Women

Good morning! Never thought I would say this but I am glad to be going to work today! Last Wednesday, I had to pre-op for surgery on Friday at SW Hospital in McComb! It is hard being a women, but we do as we are told when it comes to our health, so we can continue to be good mothers and wives.

Noah was born three years ago and I have been having female trouble. At my last yearly check up Dr. Sumerall told me she would give me one more year and then we would be checking everything out to see what needed to be done. When I went for my check up this year in August, my problem was not any better so they schedule me for a Hysteroscopy, DNC and Endometrial Ablation for Friday, September 12th. The surgery was not that bad, it was the being put to sleep and soreness that took me so long to get over. Dunc was with me and of course he was scare to death! He did not want me to have to me put to sleep! We were in good hands, Susan Tyson and Amy May were my nurses, not only did they help and take care of me, they helped to take care of Dunc... Thanks, girls!

The news was not good when I woke up! Dr. Sumerall talked with Dunc and told him that she was able to do the Hysteroscopy and DNC, when she started to do the Ablation She found my uterus to be enlarged and could not finished with the Ablation after starting. This she said could be where a lot of my female problems are coming from and she will talk to me a my follow up exam about a Hysterectomy!

Please keep me in your prayers, I know women do this everyday, but I am scared, I don't want to have to go through this and I feel like I am falling apart at the age of 41!!!!!!!!!!!


Beth Larkin said...

We are the "best looking" falling apart women I know! Ha! Ha! It is hard being a women. It seems like men's parts just don't malfunction like ours do.I personally think that every time we have to have a female procedure, they should have their prostrate checked. Okay, just kidding. I know your agravated, but hang in there girl, your gonna get straight yet! I love ya, have a "great" Monday! Beth

Joddie said...

The best thing to ever happen to me was my total hysterectomy! I was terrified, of course, but as soon as I came to I could tell the difference!! PRAISE THE LORD!! Just keep reminding yourself that God in in control and He doesn't want you to fear what He has His hand on. You will soon be through this and on your way to feeling great so you can continue this Journey for your best!

Jeanne Wroten said...

I thought it was 'life starts at 40'. Once you get straightened out, it may just get better and better after that.
good luck!

Tiff said...

Girl, I didn't know you had all this going on!! If you need anything please call me. Praying for you!!

samantha said...

Well, I am ten years your junior and feel like I'm falling apart at the seams too! We moms and women just have a lot required/expected of us and it tends to wear us out sooner.

Keep us updated as you know more, and I will certainly keep you in my prayers!