Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don't Worry

Well, for the last couple of months I have been going through some personal things that no one, but my husband Dunc really knows about...Mostly just things! I have been digging deep in my Bible for answers to questions and YES, HE has give me many answers. Some of which I like, some of which I don't like, and YES, I know HE is right! With all that being said, I was looking for something in the Bible last night and I found this poem that I had put in my Bible from a women's conference I had been too! And YES, it was exactly what I needed, so let me share...

by Johnnie Haines

I'm looking out my window, Lord, on a place I don't recognize
It's hard to see the Promise around the tears falling from my eyes.

You've got a mighty plan, Lord, even I know that it's true,
But the task I'm facing now seems far too difficult for me to do.

I am way of my comfort zone and feeling out of place
Are you positive about the Promised Land being located in this space?

Just like your other children, I am thinking I loved the place of bondage more.
But no doubt about it, Lord, you definitely shut the door!

The manna you fed me on my journey was a fine way to eat.
The clouds that gave me directions made me sure upon my feet.

Moving to the Land of Promise seemed easier somehow...
Than living in the Promised Land you have given me for now.

Help me unpack my heart Lord, and really settle in
Help me to accept, Lord, where I am and not long so much
For where I have been.

You have told me over and over about the plans of Your heart,
Thanks for reminding me that my Promised Land
is any place where You are.

Wow! Just wanted to say, if you are going through those stinky old women things like being a mother and worrying, like be a wife and worrying, like being a employee and worrying, like being a friend and worrying, GOD says, DON'T!

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life..." Matthew 6:25


Stephenie said...

This poem is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing...I have printed it out and posted prominently on my desk! Hope that those "things" won't bind you anymore...

Jeanne Wroten said...

I stand by the don't worry philosophy.... don't worry about anything, instead, pray about everything. How else do you think I made it thru a kid w/leukemia?

samantha said...

Thanks for the reminder. I needed it today!

Cindy said...

Hello, Jill. I stumbled upon your blog through other blogs I was skimming. I'm so glad I scrolled down and read this one. I'm sorry to hear you have been going through some personal trials--sorry about the trouble, but glad that God is still growing you. I wanted you to know this poem spoke to me as I, too, have had quite a few trials these past couple of months. You know, a fellow missionary told me that going back to the field after furlough is sometimes harder that it was going out the first time. I somehow doubted that, but let me tell you, they did NOT lie. It's hard to explain, but there have been several personal trials and trials in ministry that have (I'm sorry to admit) made me wonder--am I in the right place? Could I just go back to America? Of course, God said 'No, not right now--I've called your family to this desert, these lost people, to share MY STORY with them, to live it out before them." The first portion of this prayer poem by Johnie Haines has also been my prayer at times since our return to Senegal--the task is too big, Lord, I can't even focus and see because of my tears,living out the day to day is very difficult---I see now, that I've unpacked suitcases and boxes, even our crate has been emptied -- but what about my heart? This is what I must do--unpack my heart in this Promised Land of West Africa. I know God is here--He not only sent me, but was also waiting for me when we arrived! Thanks, Jill for being obedient and posting this poem. I'm printing it out to paste on my desk. You know, we sometimes slip and need reminders from time to time. Blessings to you and your family. Say hello to friends at FBC-Bude. ~blessings, Cindy DeMars