Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just thoughts!

Okay, hang on my mind is going in nine hundred directions and I just need to vent! You ever had a really GOOD day and the ole devil just did not like it! Well, maybe this is what this is, who knows!

Great weekend, my baby boy turned 4 years old on Saturday. My baby girl came home from being gone to M fuge youth camp all week! Noah had a happy birthday, Anna had a blessed youth trip, great worship service at church this morning, as for me and Dunc life is good, so all is well! Hmm?

Next week is going to be crazy! VBS at FBC of Bude every night, Baby sitting for Anna all week on top of Monday thru Friday Soccer practices and her trying to work at VBS. As for me and Dunc work and long nights of VBS and making sure Anna gets to where she needs to be! Whew.. My Daddy is having back surgery on Wednesday morning, my Mother is trying to take care of him and my baby boy! Oh, did I mention she thinks she is trying to get a Kidney stone? I can't go to be with Mother during Daddy surgery because Noah William has his 4 year old check up with Dr. Chris Charles Wednesday so that he can finish up on his school shots. Never fear my wonderful husband is going to be with Mother while Daddy is in surgery. Life is moving so FAST! No time for rest, No time for nothing but being in and out a car going, going and going!

Life is a crazy ROAD! I try really hard to put GOD in the driver seat, but the devil sure likes to hitch a ride.

Do we truly have TRUE friends? People are always out for their self! They don't really care about you and what is going on in your life!! It is about what they can do to make their self look good. Have you ever seen a person that calls himself (herself) a friend, a son (daughter), someone you can talk too and all along that person is just befriending you to get information,to make fun of you or just to say look what I have done for them or I know more then you do about their situation! Come on people let's get REAL! I am sick to my stomach to have to come in contact with people like this everyday of my life!

Have you ever really heard GOD calling you to do something and couldn't? COULDN'T because there are those people out there that are dragging you and your word down to better them selves! Why does life have to be this way? I pray for my self daily not to be one of those people and sometime because of life I don't like what I see!

I love the LORD! I am a Christian! I love people! I want to be TRUE! I want to be a good friend, Mother, daughter, sister! I don't want to be a FAKE! Please join me .....


Joddie said...

Lord, do I understand the "fake" thing and making oneself look good by putting down others. It's a lesson I have learned from others as to WHAT I don't want to be like in life. It is VERY hard to know who truly is a friend. It's sad it's that way, but we all know it is. THis is a way of God reminding us that it is HIM we need and is our friend, and I believe this with my whole heart, but wouldn't it be great to have a precious,true friend that is walking the spiritual road with you? Any time you need me to pick Anna up for anything soccer, just let me know. Hang in there girl!

Beth Larkin said...

Let me start by saying that I love you dearly and you will always be my TRUE friend!
I do know what your talking about, those fake and superficial people, but those are the very last people that we need to let get under our skin. I have people who I am "friendly" with, because that is what God wants me to do, but those are not the people whose opinions and thoughts I value, so I am not gonna let them rob me of any of my joy. Now my TRUE friends are another story, I value everything they say and many times the things that they don't have to say. They are the ones who pick me up when I am down, who would fight a chain saw for me, who will comfort me in times of sadness and who will celebrate with me through all of the joys! Those are the people who truly count, as for all of those others, girl just put on your "God goggles" and love them because God wants you to, but you know the friends your investments are with. It doesn't make comments and actions hurt any less, but the devil just loves to set us up. Unfortunately he is a fisher of men too and he is constantly baiting us to see if we will take it.
You are a beautiful person to me inside and out! I love you with ALL of my heat!
You know some friends are the ones where if you find out you have cancer they bring you a pound cake and let everyone know they are taking it and some friends are the ones that would be there cleaning up throw up with caloused knees from praying. I have the peace knowing which one you are! I hope you have the same with me. I Love You Jill!!

Stephenie said...

Heard something today that has really stuck with me well into the night...just can't seem to shake it. I heard on the RADIO today that when a person is all about Jesus, they can't help but to LOVE. Love endures every situation and person. As I read your post about people that have hidden agendas (and every person has an agenda...good or bad), I thought of those words I heard today. The guy was right...when we truly love God, we can't help but give people the benefit of the doubt, help in times of need, love those all around us whether we know them or not. As Christians, we don't have to have a hidden agenda because God is going to work it out His way whether we like it or not...Keep loving people, Jill! Christ is counting on you...