Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter 2009, Anna Marie 14 years old and Noah William 3 years and 9 months

Anna Marie and her friend Taylor Moak with the Easter Bunny!

Anna Marie's Easter Basket (Flip Flops, Ear Rings, T-Shirt, Candy ect.)

Noah William with the Easter Bunny!

Noah William's Easter Basket (Nerf Gun, Frisbee, Nerf Balls, Candy ect.)

I just love Easter! It is my favorite time of the year. It was beautiful outside, cool, but not to cold. The weekend was great! It started on Good Friday, I did not have to work so Noah and I went to hunt for Easter shoes for his church outfit. We had a good day of shopping and just being together. Anna and her Nana were off to get their nails and toes done up pretty for Easter Sunday, so all was happy. That night when we got home Dunc and I enjoyed dying Easter eggs with the kids, so the Easter Bunny would have plenty of eggs to go in baskets. A blessed day of being together.

Saturday morning we were up early for the Children's Easter Breakfast and Easter Egg hunt at the church. Thanks to Ms. Amy Moak it was a very fun morning. The kids had cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk or juice for breakfast and the Easter Bunny showed up for pictures, it was great! Thanks Ms. Amy for the wonderful memories made at church on Easter 2009!

Saturday afternoon we talked Papa into boiling some Shrimp, potatoes and corn for us! Wow, what a treat! It was great...NOBODY boils Shrimp like Papa! Thanks Papa for being a great cook. More memories being made with the family!

Easter Sunday morning we were up early because the Easter Bunny had stopped by and dropped off some beautiful Easter Baskets for Anna and Noah! Thanks Easter Bunny they loved their baskets. Then it was on to the church for Easter Service. We had donuts, coffee and chocolate milk before service and then we had a wonderful musical put on by FBC of Bude's Adult Choir "My Chains are Gone", it was great! Thanks to Bro. Bobby Davis for directing the them, he did a great job! Bro. Moak preached and the Holy Spirit was there! HE is ALIVE!

Sunday afternoon was spent at Nana's, we had lots of food, fun and family! Papa and Nana, Dunc, me, Anna and Noah, Mark, Christy, Tanner and Kaitlyn, Judy, Scott and Dana, Hunter and Mamaw Dorothy! Just a blessed weekend! Lots of memories that will never be forgotten! Thank you Lord for being ALIVE in us...


Samantha said...

Such a beautiful and joy-filled post!! I'm glad y'all had such a wonderful Easter!!!

Barbara said...

Something tells me that Noah is a "cutter"!