Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break and A Day In The Park

The only time I had off on the kids spring break was Wednesday afternoon. We had plan to go to the movies, but there was nothing on the kids wanted to see. So I let them pick what they want to do. They both decided a picnic in the park would be fun! It was a beautiful day and their ideal of a picnic was Burger King! (ha, ha!)

So we went a pick up lunch and on to the Kids Kingdom we went. We had a nice spot for lunch and Noah was ready to go play! I found a nice bench and set to take pictures. They had a ball! We look up and here come Beth and Bailey, Noah was excited to have someone else to play with. Beth and I enjoy just sitting there watching them and getting to catch up. We look up again and here come Alisa Romero with her four children, Spencer, Leigha, Kathrine and Nathan! That really made Noah day. He and Nathan are buddies, so Noah enjoyed playing with him. Alisa joined Beth and I as we continued to caught up! It was a beautiful nice 3 hours of friends and fun!

Spring Break '09 Anna Marie 13 yrs. old and Noah William 3 yrs. old having a picnic in the park.

Noah William coming down the slide

Monkey See, Monkey Do! That is Nathan Romero with Noah William

Anna Maire and Bailey Larkin enjoying the swings

Noah William pushing his sister in the swings! He is such a big boy!


Joddie said...

The day turned out even better than you thought it seems. The kids look like they had a great time. Anna told me she might come visit here one day during spring break and I had forgotten until I read this. Tell her she needs to call and remind me of things like this because I'm old and forgetful! We would have LOVED to had her over to kept Madge company.

Beth Larkin said...

That was a good day! Just sitting around soaking up the beautiful day and visiting! Cute pictures too! (of course, look who was in them :D) We need to do that more often. love ya, Beth

Samantha said...

We did that Friday and had a blast! Your pictures are great!