Friday, January 16, 2009


Do you sometimes feel that although you've been spending time with God, nothing happens? You wonder is God even there, or worse, if He has left you?

Guess who produces this fear of being alone with God? Rest assured that the last thing Satan wants is for us to spend time with God. He will attack in all sorts of ways because he knows that the more time we spend with God, the more we will recognize all the lies and fears that he has worked so hard to firmly plant in our minds.

When I decide to really seek God and listen for His voice, more than anything else, Satan will do everything he can to keep me distracted. He knows I will become a powerful adversary when I begin to listen to God. Don't let him fool you though; God will meet you any place, any time, no matter what's going on!

Ask HIM to meet you today. . .

"Don't be afraid. Stand firm and see the LORD's salvation He will provide for you today" Exodus 14:13


The Mathis Bunch said...

Thanks for sharing your post. I really needed that today! I attend a Baptist church, and we are going through some changes with music (who isn't??)I am of the gen.X, and I never thought the music would be an issue for me, but changing it does give me a sense of fear. What if it doesn't work? I'm not sure I'm ready for the change, etc, But we want our church to grow. Fear is natural, I think, but I see how Satan uses it to drive us away from the Almighty. Thanks for the verse you shared. I will try to commit it to memory. Have a blessed day!!