Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Wild About You" Banquet

Last night was the "Wild About You" banquet at church. "Wild About You" was a young ladies Bible study at our church. The girls were the age of 13 years old to 16 years old who attend the Bible study. The study was done by our youth pastors' wife, Amy Walker and she only had 7 young ladies in the study.

"Wild About You" was a six week study on seeing yourself through God's eyes. These girls were truly blessed by this study. The study highlighted many issues in these young ladies lives. Everyday things they have to deal with, such things like, When do you feel the most invisible? Does God REALLY think I am beautiful? How did the last guy you dated make you feel? How do you fight the fear of not measuring up? Who's your beauty muse? What's the secret of real beauty? The study helped the girls to realize God loves them and has always loved them just the way they are!

The banquet was a night to focus on your daughter. Dunc, me and Anna attended and it was just beautiful! We walked into a room decorated in fall with the lights low. Each girl had a table set for her and her family with a beautiful photo of her on it. The table was set with real nice place settings and candles for light. It was a very moving setting. We took a family picture when we first arrived and then sat for supper. Supper was great, we had ham, corn, string bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, and tea. There was also coffee and cake for desert. After the meal we as parents were asked to get up and speak to our daughter. This was a very emotional time, (I wish I had had went first). The mothers and fathers spoke to their daughter and said things to them that we sometimes just don't get to say! The daughter were overwhelmed! After we spoke to them we gave them a gift that was picked out by us as parents and had to explain to them why we brought the gift and the meaning of it! Dunc shopped for Anna's gift and I got to tell the story. He gave her a gold 18" chain with a floating heart on it. Something she could where for a long time to remember she would always be in our heart, but most of all to NOT to forget to let GOD live in her heart! It was a great night! There was not a dry eye in the church when it was over. After we spoke to our daughters gave them their gifts a slide show was done of the girls from birth 'till now. It was awesome...

The girls that were in the Bible study were Anna McCormick, Hayley McManaway, Joanna McGlaughn, Kaylee Blackwell, Emily Walker, Destin Knapp and Taylor Moak. Please keep these young ladies in your prayers as they journey through life's ups and downs! A special thanks to Amy Walker for planting a seed in these girls for the rest of their lives. Words can't express what she means to MY Anna!

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched but are felt in the heart."
- Helen Keller


Barbara said...

What a great idea and such a sweet thing to do. I'm sure Anna will always remember it.

Beth Larkin said...

What a wonderful thing for girls that age to go through. I only wish I had had the opportunity to go through something like that myself. There is so much that they are faced with this day and time. It is hard to let them see themselves through the eyes of God and equally as hard to make them aware that they are worth so much more that an outfit, a crowd or what they mean to a boy. Even more wonderful than the event, is the families that support these girls and them taking time to show it. A night completely about them!
Anna is becoming a beautiful young woman and I can only pray that she always finds joy within herself and has the confidence in herself that we have in her. Love you "Anna Bug"!